Jockeys and Work Riders

Derek Fox

Stable Jockey

Derek joined Arlary in October 2013. At that time he had ridden 27 winners, principally for Noel Kelly and Mark Mcniff. Derek caught our eye when winning on the good mare Charlie's Vic and is an excellent schooling jockey at home. He had his first winner for us on The Friary at Hexham in November 2013 and has continued to have winners for us, in particular over fences. Derek has experience backing youngsters and riding some of the more complicated horses at home, and he has trained his own point to pointers. With Peter Buchanan's retirement in April 2016, Derek took on the mantle of stable jockey and his enthusiasm for getting each horse ready for its race is contagious. In 2017 Derek shot into the limelight when winning the Aintree Grand National on One For Arthur who he gave a patient ride, producing him in the last half mile to win. Derek combines strength and sense in a race and carries out race tactics with a cool head. 

Blair Campbell

Conditional Jockey

Blair joined us in the summer of 2016, riding out and keen to take out his conditional license again. He had previously ridden winners in point to points, where he was the Northern Area novice champion and under rules including for Alistair Whillans and Nick Alexander. Blair has had a good grounding with bringing on young horses, and in his spare times he likes to head to the golf course.

Stephen Mulqueen

Conditional Jockey

Stephen is a very proficient conditional who joined us from Nick Alexanders in the summer of 2016. Previously working for John Oxx, Nicky Richards and Maurice Barnes, Stephen brings plenty of experience and has a great way with the horses. He is a great asset at home and on the track. 

Thomas Willmott

Conditional Jockey

Our new conditional Jockey Thomas joined in June 2017 from Stuart Coltherd’s, and having had 30 point to point rides Thomas is clearly an experienced young man. Hailing form Selkirk he is a big fan of the common riding in the borders. Thomas’ first win for Lucinda came on Rivabodiva at Ayr on the 30th of October 2017 and following an outside chase win for Sandy Forster he struck up a good relationship with Jump For Dough, winning twice at Musselburgh.

Maisie Sharp

Amateur Jockey

Maisie has a background in eventing and tetrathlon and joined us as her first job in racing in the summer of 2015. She has embraced the different sport and having completed her stage two at the British Racing School has now got her sights set on becoming a jockey. She will ride as an amateur in point to points in 2017 and is turning into a proficient schooling jockey. 

Cameron Wadge

Amateur Jockey

Cameron is one of our new jockey hopefuls at the yard. Cameron joined on the 20th of June 2017 and hopes to join the list of successful professional jockeys who have flourished at Lucinda’s. He has ridden in over twenty point to points and his family own a livery yard in the borders, so horses have always been a focal point. This year he has completed his Category A Jump permit which will allow him to ride as an amateur on official courses around the UK. In his spare time, he likes to go to the gym and visit his family. 

Lea Francioni

Part Time Work Rider

Lea studied at Art school in Italy, then moved to Sligo in Ireland with her family. She has riden all her life and has showjumpers at home. She started last summer at Mark Mcniffs racing yard and the lure of warm summers and cold winters has brought her to Scotland.  She is a competant work rider and also often leads up at the races. 

Beth Clark

Work Rider and Assistant Yard Manager At Arlary

  Beth joined us on work experience in July 2013 and has stayed ever since. She is an organised sensible girl who oversees the yard at Arlary first thing in the morning, feeding and checking over the horses. She rides out and uses the therapy machines on any horses who need them, reporting back any problems to the yard managers. In the summer of 2014 she attended the British Racing School for her foundation course and was promoted to assistant yard manager at Arlary in November 2014. Beth's hobbies include shopping and spending time with her friends and family.

Gemma Kennedy

Work Rider & Driving

Gemma joined us in November 2014 having worked in various yards, including in an animal rescue centre in South Africa. An outgoing girl she rides out and having attained her HGV license in December 2017 she helps Jaimie and Mark with the driving, between yards and to race meetings. In September 2015 Gemma attended the work riders course at Newmarket Racing School. Gemma is a keen gardener in her spare time as well as being a qualified masseuse.

Ailsa McClung

Work Rider

Ailsa started in September of 2016. She has a background in eventing and has ridden all her life. She will hopefully go Pointing in the 17/18 season on an ex racer for Lucinda called Settledoutofcourt. Ailsa is a great rider and clearly has a love for horses giving them names and metaphorically creating in yard horse couples. She does however spend some time away from horses, hanging out with her pals. 

Leanne Williamson

Work Rider

Leanne joined in May 2016 after graduating from the British Racing School. She previously had work experience at Linda Perratt's flat racing yard. She is a great rider and will look to go point to pointing this season. Leanne gets on with everyone and is very helpful around the yard as well. In her spare time, she likes the odd game of badminton, being with friends and going shopping.

David Gorman

Work Rider

From Kirkmill just outside Lanark, David joined on the 9th of October 2017. He has spent the majority of his time working with flat trainers; the likes of Stuart Williams, Mark Johnson, Linda Perrett and Ian Semple. David is a great work rider and is always positive. He also has a wee dog called Doogie, which till this day nobody knows its breed, David would not be surprised if he was half cat. 

Lauren McAulay

Work Rider At Kilduff

Lauren has been with us since she was fifteen, working at the weekends while still at school. In 2016 she left to attend the British Racing School and returned to full time work in December. She has a background in show jumping and she is planning on competing with another of Lucinda’s ex-racers, Pulpitarian next year. 

Erin Walker

Part Time Work Rider

Erin works here part time and is a very efficient reliable work rider. She also helps with the yard at Kilduff, and will give Tracy a hand in the office if it is busy. Erin works part time at Perth racecourse, looking after sponsors and owners in the padddock. On 31st May 2015 Erin gave birth to a baby boy Logan a brother for Emily, and she returned to riding out part time in February 2016. 

Lorraine Cairny

Part Time Work Rider

Lorraine previously worked for Lucinda from 2002 to 2007 as a work rider. She had a spell out of racing before returning this year as a part time work rider. In her spare , ime she likes to go for runs and enjoys swimming to keep fit. She also competes in hiunter trials and one day events. She also has one of Lucinda's ex racers, Ambition Royal who she rides for pleasure.